How many people can you accommodate?
Our barn can hold up to 300 people for your ceremony and reception.

How much does it cost?
Our fee is $8,500 for up to 100 people and $10 per person over 100 people.
We have a special for July and August of $7,500 plus $10 a person over 100.

How many weddings do you have at The Hill?
We only have one wedding per week at The Hill, and no more than 20 per year.

Can we have amplified music?
Amplified music can go until 10:30, and un-amplified music until midnight.

Can you help us find vendors?
Yes, we have a list of vendors that we will gladly share with you. You may also bring in your own.

Do you host weddings year round?
We host weddings May through October.

What happens if it rains?
The Palladian Barn has space downstairs for your ceremony, in case of rain.

Can we come tour the venue?
We're happy to have you come visit! Please contact Lisa, our Site Manager at 845-758-9002.